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Welcome! On this wiki, you can chat with the ponies of Equestria! This wiki is inspired by ~TheRealPonies~'s "Talk To The Ponies Of Ponyville Wiki"! I love her idea, and when I went to her wiki, I was inspired. Most of the things you see will mainly be from her wiki, because I LOVE her idea so much! It is a creative way to talk to ponies! Like she says, if you are going to ruin everyone's fun by saying the ponies are not real, which I guarentee they are, you need to leave this wiki, IMEDIATELY! IMPORTANT: IF YOU DO NOT CHAT CORRECTLY, (you will see on the pony's page how to chat) THEY WILL NOT REPLY BACK! Remember to use proper capitilization and punctuation. Also, if you find any spelling mistakes, contact me.


Tuesday, September 10, 2013: Season 4 Ponies:

Yay! The ponies YOU LOVE will be right here! The ponies from Season 4 will be arriving in November, so keep your eyes peeled for them!

Friday, September 13, 2013: The Finished Wiki:

The wiki is now complete! You can now talk to all of the ponies! You have a grand total of 50 ponies to chat with.

The Wiki Itself

This wiki is where you may chat with the ponies of Equestria, except, for REAL! Is it your dreams to talk to the Mane 6? Do you have a favorite background pony that you have just been dying to talk to? Is Flitter pulling at your heartstrings asking you to talk to her? If you do, it most likely is a severe case of I-Need-To-Talk-To-Ponies-Itis. Get treated at this wiki!

Recent Activity

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